White Cloud Zen Center
Zen Practice in Idaho
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Who We Are

Johns Photgraphy Showing 2014-09-08 opening

We are a Zen inspired meditation center.  Our resident teachers have rich backgrounds. Konpo Sensei has a background in both Tibetan and Zen traditions.  Terry Chowan has a background in Zen and Shambhala traditions. John Seido is a senior Zen student and talented photographer.

Those new to mindfulness and meditation practice are encouraged to contact Terry Chowan (Naropa University Certified Mindfulness Instructor) for individual instruction.  Fundamental principles on where and how to place the mind and body can go a long way in supporting mindfulness and meditation practices that help cultivate compassion and equanimity.  Terry can be reached at whitecloudsangha@cableone.net or at  208-830-1228.

The art of giving and receiving is also an important aspect of spiritual practice.  We encourage all participants to donate money and time with in mind that donations and service reflect the preciousness and rarity of these teachings and the importance of the dharma community.  Suggested donation amounts are posted in the back foyer of the Pocatello Center.  Even if you can only afford a few dollars, supporting the Center in this way will enrich your experience here at the Center. Service positions are assigned and occasionally rotated. If you are interested in a service position please contact Chowan or Sensei.

Let us know if you would like to be on our email list! Send an email to whitecloudsangha@cableone.net

Great Eastern Sun Counseling and Consulting is affiliated with White Cloud Meditation Center and provides mindfulness based counseling services.  For more information visit www.greateasternsuncounseling.com.

Directions to White Cloud and Parking Information

The Pocatello meditation center is located at 524 S. 6th Ave.  Entrance is off the back alley.  There is a sign on the door indicating “White Cloud.”  After entering this door, proceed up three stairs through the glass door.

Bicycling or walking to the Center is encouraged.  If you must use a car, there are three parking spaces available for use in the back parking lot.  Unrestricted parking is also available on Benton Street.  Parking on 6th Avenue is restricted. Temporary parking permits are available on loan.

Entrance in the back

The Pocatello community can be contacted by email at whitecloudsangha@cableone.net