White Cloud Zen Center
Zen Practice in Idaho
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Who We Are

Johns Photgraphy Showing 2014-09-08 opening

We are a group of practitioners who, for 17 years, supported a Zen inspired meditation center in Pocatello, Idaho.  In 2017 our resident teacher, Rein Konpo Kaales, Sensei decided to take a sabbatical from teaching in group settings. Currently he works with advanced students on an individual basis, by invitation only.

Those who are interested in learning mindfulness and meditation in a group setting are encouraged to visit the Portneuf Sangha website (https://www.portneufsangha.org).

For those looking for individual, customized instruction for meditation and mindfulness, it is still available. Terry Chowan continues to provide support for dedicated meditation practitioners at White Cloud Zen Center.  Instruction is available by appointment on a donation basis. Terry can be reached at whitecloudsangha@cableone.net or at 208-830-1228.

Great Eastern Sun Counseling is affiliated with White Cloud Meditation Center and provides mindfulness based counseling services.  For more information visit http://www.greateasternsuncounseling.com.